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A quick noodle stir-fried with prawn

Updated: Mar 6, 2022


  1. vegetable oil

  2. garlic crushed

  3. ginger cut small pieces

  4. prawn

  5. carrot cut small pieces

  6. spring onion

  7. pre-soaked ready to use noodle

  8. Bean sprouts

  9. Soya sauce

  10. fish sauce


1 heat up the wok

2 add about 2 spoon of oil depend on your ingredients), follow with garlic, ginger and then carrot

3 add Prawn cook until half cook for a few minutes

4 add soya sauce and a dash of fish sauce to taste

5 add pre-soaked noodle stir them all together

6 add spring onion and coriander before serving

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