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5 Of my main important Tips to prepare for outdoor cooking

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

My personal

1.Check well what available and not available at that location so you can prepare the right equipment and enough ingredients for your outdoor cooking. Bear in mind it can be a long way from home

2. Pack as light as possible for me I carry my favorite wok in my luggage and a light wooden mortar and pestle with me on some trip only if I think I might need them.

3.If you take raw meats with you You must make sure you store them in good temperature before cooked them and then cooked them well with good temperature and safe to eat

4.The hygiene is a must before you start the cooking, You must wash your hands if you touch raw meat.. you should often clean your hands.

5. The most important of all for me is to be creative, to be brave, to be flexible and use local product as much as you could find

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